Monday, August 14, 2006

The Hunt

They said it would be easy. Who would have known it would have been so tough?

Thats about my apt hunt in the pitts. Arrived here on the 10th, as u may have noticed from my previous post, with all hopes of finding a nice 3 bed 2 bath place for the 4 of us. Soon the true situation unravelled itself before us.

August 11.
We began our trek at campus. Got our ID cards made to enable free bus usage. The we sat down on the lawn and began making calls. We had a few shortlisted apts from before we got here. Unfortunately none were available. Let me rephrase one was. It was so rundown, i think the slums in bbay had a better chance of keeping the cold out during the pitts winter (which goes to -10 C btw!)
I'l le tthe map do the talking :-)

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This is day 1 of walking. Quite tiring, with the sun beating down upon you. :-)

August 12.
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Even longer.... and quite a lot more tiresome. Esp considering 3 of the 4 had not had breakfast.

Now comes the fun part.
After all this walkign about, we were still unable to find a place to stay... this lead to drastic measures. We had to split.... so 4 became 3 + 1.

Things got slightly easier... and i wont bore u with details.. but frantic mails later... and a few calls... things got sorted out....

The place? Next post!!


Aparna Kar said...

Glad to know u got an apartment..
though I got the info in the morning b4 reading ur post :)

btw, think seriuosly abt tht baywatch babe thingie
(gosh! I seem to be almost obssessed with it)


And yeah..I blogrolled ur new space...

candid diary said...

I am always scared of maps.
May I get some lovely photos of CMU life?
You have not uncoded 'Vinci Da Code' "zoxcleb" for us.
I hope it was not the first word verification which you had to go through :))

candid diary said...

You are not replying to comments.

zoxcleb said...

nice to see u finally commenting again!

sorry.. but yeah this place is nuts... :-)