Sunday, September 10, 2006

Birthday Week

This week we celebrated the first two birthdays in our class since we reached here. What makes it more famous is the people whose birthday's they were. Somehow, they've procured unique nicknames for themselves. First we had the king and then we had the queen. Quite rightfully, the "Royal Family" were the first to start the birthday ceremonies.

The king, chivalrous man that he is, allowed the queen to host her birthday dinner before him, in spite of his birthday occuring before hers. ( I wont comment on whether he will ever throw the party at all ;-) coz thats a different story all together!)

One thing I can say for sure, this batch of people (my classmates btw) are master-chefs in their own right. It gets better, they dont mind calling us over and cooking for us, either. My turn will come, I promise you.. my kitchen is still not old enough to provide the feast that everyone deserves!

Tonight was no different either. Her highness, prepared quite a feast. The chicken was awesome. (We have some awesome non-veg cooks here... thankfully!) The souffle topped it off.....

Pictures? No i dont think its fair to you all... everytime you visit, your mouth would water, and I cant do that to you.. it would be too mean of mean... now u know how delicious it was....


Advitiya said...

Aaah..the descriptions were enough! I do hate you now...

equilibrium said...

Well all those bday bumps n cake fudgings are gone eh? Looks like itz getting shifted to cooking...never mind.

So when's your turn??

Ruchika said...

Very cool about celebrating bdays the old-fashioned way, inviting people over and cooking! (ofcourse earlier it would be your mother cooking and not you!)... the first few bdays of a new batch/job/class are always the best, everyone bonds really well and its great fun to get to know each other..

Sujata said...

Yeah..the birthday season has started.

Aparna.G said...

there he is!!!! nice blog page dude!

Party & all huh? Already? I want to see the pictures anyway!! So, bring them on!

Is that the uni in the background??

zoxcleb said...


myturn is still some months away.. :-)

yeah its great fun... and this way we know whose house to visit more often :-P

not sure.. depends.. lets see when the next one is!

nope.. no pics.. would be unfair as i said! and yeah thats my dept in the bg.. scroll thru the blog, u'l see more pics!