Sunday, September 24, 2006


Networking. The thing that defines the 21st century. Its amazing. It keeps us connected, and in touch. Networking. The thing of the future. It adds to our conveniences, and brings the world to our doorstep. Networking. A hot topic. Big enough to have the whole world driving at. Networking. If you dont have it, you got nothing. Networking. The best thing to happen to us all.

Or is it?

Networking. Touted to be the basket of benefits that we never had before. But at what cost? Consider this. Over the past week, I have been chatting on a popular messenger client with my flatmate; who has been in the next room. And what were we discussing? At 4 am, when we were both in the midst of homework, he pings to ask when i plan to sleep, or if i'm making progress. It got better yest. Both of us wanted a break, and he pings me telling me to meet him in the kitchen for a snack!

Networking. Brings the world to us. Again, at what cost? Recently i made a few purchases. Rather big ones in the life of a student. A laptop, its bag. Big stuff. Both online. I didnt even see either of them. The laptop, i bought on my own. The bag through consultation with family at home and a friend here. Thankfully they all agreed on the same colour of the bag i chose, and the decision was a lot easier. But thats not the point. The point is I bought something without even looking at it. Convenient? Yes. Reliable? Not necessarily. You can get anythin online. And shud u trust everyone?

Networking. The thing of the future. Soon you will have everything you need at your fingertips. All there with you; always. Whenever u want it. Do you really want that? Sure, it has its advantages. Do they outweigh the costs? If u can get information whenever u want it, anyone can get to u whenever they want to. After all its all one package. Its not separable. Want it that way? Then its not networked. So it defeats the purpose.

Limiting human interaction. Thats what networking is doing. In a big way. Isolation. Thats where its taking us. To our LCD screens, on a desk, a lap, or in our hands.

Networking. With our displays.

P.S. Considering I am currently focussing on networking, I am not sure why this piece came out.


Deepa said...

networking has positives like getting people closer when u are far away. and atleast it makes you and your roomie talk to each other.. u wouldnt hear him anyways with earphones on otherwise. Stop being cynical and enjoy.

zoxcleb said...

agreed... ur first point is probably the best thing it has to offer, and typical to a one-sided stand i intentionally ignored it in my writeup.
but i do talk to my roomie .. and i dont need the comp for that.. :)

Ruchika said...

I love the fact that the internet has made communication faster, handier and easier, and brought people far away closer.. sharing snaps over the net so u dont miss out on each other, sharing thoughts like blogging, orkut etc... brought those who are far closer..

BUT.. its made those who are close much further.. how many times have u thought u'd rather be on the net chatting (with anyone) or surfing rather than sitting with your family for half an hr and asking how their day went... or taught them how to use the net so that they can share your enthusiasm for it? networking has bridged certain gaps and created new ones at the same time..

Namit Chaturvedi said...

Networking! Now Parvez Musharraf can click the A-bomb from his Islamabad office. He won't have to go to the desert to do that.

Everyone dead, everyone will meet ancestors in heaven. THAT's bringing people closer. :-p

zoxcleb said...

thats what i was getting at.. again, like i told deepa.. i wanted to be completeyl one-sided on this issue for some reason. call it challenging writing if u will...
but u do see my point.

very funny :-|

Shreya said...

Yeah it's true..but for anti social people like me, it's good, I dont have to sit and socialize..I can watch a video, read a book, surf online, chat with a dozen people, all at once ;)

Candid Confessions said...

Wonder how drastically different life would have been here if not for the messenger client I use to chat with my mom day in and day out!