Friday, June 15, 2007

New Times (2)

To answer my own question - Yes it does matter. Its just a question of choosing.

The past is just dust, in sands that were blown by the wind of the journey, and lost to eternity.

The now is something different. Something with new surroundings, and new companions.
New stories. New ways of telling them.

That is what this is all about.


Candid Confessions said...

Now is something different - Agreed and thts meant to be!
The past is dust .. lost to eternity - not agreed - Its a matter of choice. What I want to fade away with time shall fade and not always so.

Aparna.G said...

I agree.. as in my comment on ur previous post! :-))

Aparna Kar said...

You are right- there's always a choice.

Melody said...

Seems like you're happy! Good!!

Sujata said... does matter. To our very own self. But the change is gradual and it happens even before we know it. Subconciously, we do have a choice.

Still searching said...

A bit like what I'm feeling right now...

zoxcleb said...

@candid confessions & aparnas & sujata

when was i not?

@still searching
new name?
the feeling will pass.. get out... do stuff... thats whats helping me.