Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Journey

It has been a long walk so far. For many months he had trekked through uncharted territory. He walked on without looking up. There was nothing to distract him as he plowed through the thick. The going was getting tough, however. There was need for a booster.

The booster came in way of short bursts. Small adventures that make the journey memorable. As he approached a clearing, he decided to take a short break, to rest his weary legs. His mind wandered...

Not too long ago, he came across a tribe in the jungle. These people were always lively and jovial, yet they valued their secrecy. He stayed with them for a while, and learned of a new outlook on life. Thats probably where he could begin to see the edge of the forest, or at least, he thought it was the edge.

With his new found zest for life, he did not hesitate to take up the daunting. Stranded at the banks of a river, he rode across the white water. Stuck at the apex of a mountain, he parachuted back to earth. When some new path appeared before him, he didn't hesitate to explore.

But time marched on. He had to leave the tribe.

He walked on, alone. Occasionally he was accompanied by an earlier acquaintance. That made the journey more pleasing, and interesting, as they would lapse in conversations as they enjoyed the fruit of some of the bushes they came across. It also involved learning experiences, where he saw the world through another's eyes, and perspectives grew again.

He still remembers the day he came across the ruins. It was a city, an archaeological beauty, and by a twist of irony, they were the ruins of a ruin. A small city built around an excavation of the large bodied ancestors of the planet. One of the buildings also had fragments of imagination inked by people from a time long ago. The vivid coloring impressed his weary eyes.

He awoke to the sound of fanfare. Trumpets, tubas, saxophones blared all around him. Was it over? Had he gone through? As he stirred, he realized that it had only been part of the dream. He shook his head and got up, ready to walk on.

Thats when he saw it. A flash of brass disappeared before him. It wasn't over yet, but not much more remained.


Aparna Kar said...

Last semester eh?

Melody said...

Gps the storyteller, nice!

Ujjwal said...

Totally bored and wella! Nice story though and I could see myself being at the mountains and jungles.

Why did you use three different fonts while writing? Or was it how it was from where you copy pasted? :D

zoxcleb said...

its 2 fonts. the prologue, the dream, the awakening. (first and last being in the same font). think abt it.

@melody & aparna

Ujjwal said...

There can be many interpretations to what you have asked me to think about. Tell us what is your view on it?

Aditya Sethuraman said...

what a random post man, and what random comments....i mean, the only way u can convince me that what u've written me is NOT random is if u explain it, i.e. vyakhya school style :) ... heh heh

felicity said...

Traveler, not a tourist, hey