Saturday, March 22, 2008

Its in the air...

Walking home from school last night, passed a normally ordinary bus stop. The bus stop, a lifeline on campus, is the starting and terminating point of the airport shuttle. And for students, nothing has more meaning than a way to get home. :-)

Last night, however, was different. Festivity rang through the atmosphere. Was it because of the day? A festival of colors in India, a holy weekend here. Or was it just a special night for a few special people? Whatever it was, it was beautiful.

A bus stop with satin cushions on the bench. A small table with a tea-pot and a tea cup. The walls of the stop covered with paintings, and the curtains drawn back.

A charming sight.


Still Searching said...

Lol! This is so sweet!! Must be some group at campus, this is very cool!

Ujjwal said...

Romantic. Good that you carry your camera around.

zoxcleb said...

@still searching
i dont know.. i just found it really nice.

it was actually my cell phone! :-D

Apugonnab said...

Dint u celebrate holi???

The air smells festive at sometimes though.. I have noticed it.. but, do you think it has to do with how you feel...?

I blog at these days :-)

Apugonnab said...

How can i miss!? Awesome pic... Where? what?