Monday, October 23, 2006

First Snow

It snowed today. Its still snowing. Slight flurries, not much more than that, but its snow nonetheless. Been a while. Missed it.

What was way more interesting was the responses my classmates had. Its the first time most of them have seen snow, and their comments were quite interesting.
At the first sign of snow, we ran out of our department and went to stand in the first snowfall of this winter. A winter that, rumour has it, is gonna be quite cold, much colder than the previous year.

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Pretty soon people realised that standing in the snow was nothing like standing in the rain. You dont get wet. At least not immediately. With the flurries we had, you ouldnt get wet if you stood in the snow all day. Then the snow crystal made itself known. People started to examine them as much as they could.
I called a friend who has always been in two minds abt the snow, first linking it to cold and depression, and then complaining that its not snowing yet. Ecstatic at the news, my friend looks out the window form the department and sees the snow.

But, wait, the complain comes .. "theres no snow on the ground!"
Well of course I say, its barely a flurry.
"But there's no snow on the ground! Can only see it through the window"
Well its not a blizzard....
"There's no snow at ground level!"
You seem disappointed.

I found this conversation quite interesting, and it kind of put into perspective the way people imagine snow to be.

Let it snow.......

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Ujjwal said...

welcome to the flurries would soon change to loathing of the perennial snow and gloomy weather. Some would enjoy but I am sure most would end up not liking it. Especially when you spend the next summer in your internship at great places and come back to face the snow here :)