Monday, October 30, 2006

Walk in the Fall

Its fall.. The colours are astounding. Whats a hobbyist photographer like me doing without any snaps of the area?
Well, no more!

But first, a sampler of the architecture in the area.


And now the foliage...

From a height? Thirty six floors above the ground.



Aparna Kar said...

Feast for the eyes.. thanks GP :)

Melody said...

Hey, simply beautiful pics!

Good to know you're doing ok... take care of yourself.

Ruchika said...

Wow! Such a beautiful place! I esp liked the Gothic architecture used there.. looks like Notre Dame :-)

The surrounding areas are so green too! Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Nice Snaps!

zoxcleb said...

@ aparna
dont thank me... thank the trees..


yeah the churches are really lovely..
and the surrounding areas are changing colours now....


Aparna.G said...

ooo... beautifull..

got to see some reallly nice architechture at auroville recently.. "extreme homes", they call it..

Anonymous said...

lotsa snaps thr!! Surprising and good that you have time for that :) Good show!!

Ujjwal said...

was that from on top of the Pitt Stick?

And you have not referenced my blog in your list of frequently visited blogs..:)