Friday, December 08, 2006

Winter is Here!

After a moderately warm fall, the cold finally set in. After my last post, we had a day where the temperature hit 8 Celsius. And that was the very next day. Anyway, yesterday declared the official onset of winter.

Woke up at 8 to prepare for my exam for the day, Business Management. While reading through the case study, I got a ping from a friend. "Look outside, its snowing".
Turned to look out the window, and was awestruck. Reasonably heavy snowfall outside the window. Both R and I grabbed our cameras and went shutter crazy. That is, until I ran out of memory, and he ran out of battery power. :-)

Here's a sampler of what we saw.

Soon after, I heard a scream out of my window. Looking down from the 9th floor, where I stay, I could see my classmates run out of the department screaming and jumping with the excitement you see in five year olds who just got their first big toy. Took some aerial shots of that as well... Videos too, but thats not public domain.

The story doesnt end there. Soon after it got really heavy. A perfect distraction for the subject I was to be tested on in an hours time.

And I forgot my camera at home after that. So not many pics worth sharing thereafter.

But, yes, it is nice to welcome snow... and temperatures consistently below -10 Celsius :-)

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Ruchika said...

Wow!! So cool.. snow! I miss it now!!! Esp when there is the boon of central heating to take u away from the cold.. you know, its never cold when its actually snowing.. always cold before and after the snowfall has happened.. hmmm...