Monday, December 11, 2006


Finally managed to make it to a play here in Pitts. Amazing experience. It was a musical, entitled Sideshow.

Finding company to go for the play is itself quite an ordeal, very different from my Wall Street days. Thankfully, did find a similar minded person in RC, and so we decided to go for this play. I arranged for the tickets in the midst of crazy project demos and exam reviews as well as some amazing snow.

The two of us reach the theatre a few min late, and are quietly ushered in to two empty seats, stage right, fourth row from the front. The play had begun, and the actors were up there singing/talking and acting away.

The voices.
Havent heard such great voices in person before. Sure, my stage days had some good vocalists, but never such good singers. The guys had really clear and crisp voices. The girls had such melodius voices.

The expressions. Facial expressions are always the key to any form of acting. These guys and gals were as good as professionals.

The play.
About a pair of siamese twins during the depression, and their exploitation, and then meteoric rise. Coupled with a love story, and the fears and feelings of each half of the twins.

The acting.
Splendid. The choreography, the sets, the people, the faces. All of it awesome.

In the intermission we realize that we are the only two Indians in the entire hall, which looked like it could hold nearly 200 people. Amazed at this fact, we sat down for the second half, another round of fabulous acting and singing.

The play was really enjoyable, the company unbeatable, the actors and actresses superb, and the auditorium superb. A great way to spend an evening.

Makes me wonder when I will get back to the stage again.....


Melody said...

Sounds good! Glad to know you're having a good time!

Advitiya said...

nice re...
n wasup with you? hows everytin?

Candid Confessions said...

Wow!! Play! Sounds exciting during gruelling exams!

zoxcleb said...

we all need a break the week before the exams :-)

thigns are cool...

candid confessions
like i told melody, the break is needed to help u reinvigorate the mind, and come out in full gusto.