Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Karaoke Night

It was an evening that had everything. Good food, drinks, good music, karoake, and even some scandal.

The department holiday party started quite slow, but like a good book, ended with a climax, the likes of which you wouldnt have thought possible if you entered at 7 pm. With everyone sitting at a table, drink in hand, and food on the table, the dance floor empty, one would wonder which project or assignment the students were worrying about.

Soon the dance floor opened up and despite repeated requests from the director, nobody budged, and the dance floor stayed empty! Some of the kids in the room did dance, and what a dancer TB's son is.

Karaoke finally opened up... and took a while for the singers to come out and declare themselves... Finally, EW took the floor.. Copa Cabana... He was joined by DH and LC (the director and the career counsellor). It was their song, so they claimed.

This was closely followed by Uj and his rendition of "Everything I do." Not in the best of tune, but good job... to continue the ball rolling. Country Roads with EW and Uj, before I decided to put down the chardonay and join them. Soon LC joined us as well..... That was fun.. first karaoke experience, and I was having fun.

The seniors then tried their hand at American Pie. Good rendition, but that was the last anyone saw of them. Disappeared soon after.

Back to us, and the songs continued. MG with "She bangs" William Hung style. ;-) Then some backstreet boys wanting it that way. This is where the guys blossomed. Most of us hit the floor singing with our hearts.. This was followed by some GnR, singing Sweet child of mine. Quickly followed by Nickelback's How you remind me.

Then we had a solo with RC taking the floor with an impressive rendition of Shania's That dont impress me much.

This was followed up by the girls and a couple of guys singing to Carpernter's Top of The World, before the wrap of the karaoke. I think I sang almost every song up there last night...

As in all parties, this was followed by some dancing, and we have some fabulous dancers in our midst. HJ, NW, RC, and J, some ppl to definitely note.

A fun party, and gala event. Something we should do more often, as a department!


Ujjwal said...

ha ha..not in the best of tunes..correctly summed up!

siddharth said...

is this the closest u have come to naming ppl on ur blog? lol:)

zoxcleb said...

uj.. come on.. u know what i meant. and kudos to u to keep the ball rolling,like i said. without u, who knows where the party wud've gone.

well yeah. :-)

Rupsha said...

sure had a fab time in the party... but dude u missed mentioning the spread!

Ruchika said...

Cool... Sounds like a lot of fun..

zoxcleb said...

yeah the party was awesome.. and the food always is.. so saw no point in making everyone's mouth water yet again!

it sure was a lot of fun...