Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oh Winter, where art thou?

They said it would be cold. They said it would snow. They said we'd freeze in January. They say a lot of things.

Its now January, and the high for the day was 15 Celsius(59 F), with the low being a cold, 13 C (55F). Is this supposed to be cold? For this climate, why did I buy the snow boots, the down jacket?

Its disappointing to say the least. I expected a white Christmas, a white birthday, or even a white New Years. But no, it just rains.

Where is the snow? The pure white of the snow, that cleanses the city, the people. The snow that brings out the child in everyone. The snow that has us making snowmen, snowangels. The snow that brings out our ingenuity in ways to hurl snowballs at one another. Where are these unique crystals of water? Why do I feel let down by this place?

People say I'm lucky. Why doesnt it feel like it? They snow causes a lot of trouble in walking to school. But if there's no snow, why call it winter? This place is supposed to go 20 below zero. It did for 2 days. With no snow.

So, my question? Oh Winter, where art thou?


Sujata said...

Ohh..u are expecting Winter? Wow! Wait till Jan end, then the sweet snow will show its true colors.

Arun said...

It sometimes feels that what we want is always far enough..That is how life is and its for the Good this time with snow not around.

But on a note it would have been good to enjoy the snow..make the first snow with the snow ball:)

Anonymous said...

Snow is nice, for about a day or two. Then you're sick of it, and it all starts to turn to nasty gray/brown sludge anyway. :-) It looks like this winter is going to be warmer than usual due to El NiƱo weather conditions out in the Pacific. But who knows! The Blizzard of 1993 didn't arrive until the middle of March.