Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years in da Burgh

December 31.
The clock struck noon. There was not a plan in sight. It was new years eve, and the winter gang was wondering what to do to ring out the old, and ring in the new.
Frantic calls were being made. Mails were being despatched. But still no idea. We finally decided to meet up over lunch.
Lunch at the Orchid was a delicious South Indian buffet. Memories of Bangalore came flooding back with the dosas.

Lunch done, we finally decided to head to downtown in the evening for the First Night Pittsburgh events.

After some trying, managed to convince the entire Winter Gang that this was the only party happening in town, and dragged them along.

5 pm.
In the dept. Figuring out buses to get us there, and what events to attend. After some trying, the printers finally printed the schedule, and we headed out to the bus stop, only to see the bus go in front of us. We trekked to the next bus stop, and thats where the rain began. The rain that wud haunt us through the rest of the evening.

Reached the downtown area at 630 pm, and started the tour.
The events were quite good. We saw musicians, jazz artists, painters, magicians, guitarists, ice sculptors, and many other such artisans. And in between it just rained.
An audio, fun event, and palmistry were also on our schedule. People's fortunes were read.. Of course, what was said will stay between the winter gang.

The ice scultputres were gorgeous...

Anyway.. after 5 and a half hrs, half the winter gang decided that there was no point in waiting for midnight at downtown, and so they left at 1130 pm. I dont know what else to say abt that!

The rest of us stayed put in the rain, and waited for the turn of the year.

It finally did.. and with it the rain stopped as well...

So here's wishing you all a very happy new year.


Advitiya said...

Happy New Year!

You've been tagged at my site!

V said...

Finally you get out of the house!
Not a bad way to start the new year at all!
Happy new year!

Arun said...

I must say I enjoyed the new year eve and well written.

Sujata said...

Happy New Year!!

zoxcleb said...

Happy New Year to you too...