Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Winter Gang

Seven souls. In a city nearly lifeless. Many alone in their respective homes. Some with a room-mate present. One with a visiting mother. Yet, these seven will have something unique binding them together once this break is over.

The "leftovers." That was their first name. The "winter gang." That was the name which stuck. Consistently these seven would get together at night, and celebrate the night away. Movies, games, laughter. Every night for nearly a week now. And the gathering always rotated. Everybodys house got a turn to host the seven.

It started with just that. Slowly graduated to dinner as well. Get together and then cook. The greatest part of it is, that here too many cooks don't really spoil anything.

Christmas came and took us to a scenic spot. We then followed it up with midnight mass, and then the trademark followed. The stories, the incidents, and the remarks. Things that will be shared amongst the gang, and reminisced over.

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The seven souls and three more

But slowly this group moves on. New members enter, while some of the founders move on to their vacations. And tonight, again, the night will close in on each soul alone at their respective homes.


Ujjwal said...

Colgate ka ad karne meh kitna kamaye..

At this point I am missing calling someone

Saa-kha-r- daande :P

sugarcane, is it? :D

zoxcleb said...

zyada kuchh nahi mila :-P
she remembers u too!

Aparna.G said...

adda in the US? Awesome! & That too during festivals & New years!! Super Kewl! Happy New Year!!