Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Big Apple

A city with purpose; With focus. The most populous city in the country, yet doesnt feel that way. A casual walk in the hustle of life early Friday morning. A morning stroll through the heart of the working district, and the suited armies marched on, unblinkingly, with their venti cups of Starbucks firmly grasped in their hands. No looking around, its the walk of a soldier, ready to take on the world for the day.

A city of routine. As I sat sipping my coffee, working on some papers, a few routines were spotted. Every hour on the half hour, sort of like the news, Starbucks would fill up with customers trying to get their caffeine kicks. The caffeine that would keep them ticking through the day. Fifteen minutes later, the coffee drinkers are gone, and the smokers emerge. Every hour, three fourths past the hour, and there you have people puffing away. The same people.

And then it was meeting time.

Meetings, done, it was time to go uptown a bit. 95th Street. Check in to, as my friend AV called it repeatedly, a dump. Not bad for the price we were paying to be staying in Manhattan, however. A short rest, and off we were to midtown. So that I could do the "touristy things."

Times square, union square, East Side.

And then a stroll.

Next morning, the mecca of the city, the Apple Store. :D Jam packed, but a nice experience.

So hows is the city? A city of drive, of goals. A city that reminded me of a place. A city with a life, and it truly never sleeps. Its a great city!


Still searching said...

You went to the city!?!!! Wow, I LOVE New York! I mean I just love the pace, the bustling crowds and the noise! :)) Are you going to be working there?

Dhiren said...

"Macca of the city, the Apple Store" - hahaha... U are getting all appled out... !! But then why shouldn't you ;-)
Awaiting your snaps.

felicity said... you had a great trip.

siddharth said...

yup! its like bombay on a Bigger scale.. u shud have gone to Grand Central at 5:30.. man! Dadar at its majestic best!

Melody said...

Ah! A Bbay lover in NY - so surreal, eh?!


Ujjwal said...

I did not like NY. It is too busy and a touch too impersonal. However, I was there for a short amount of time- I'd like to believe sometime in the future that my first impression was wrong.

What were you there for?

Tirthankar said...

@ujjwal ... if you think New York is impersonal, come to Europe. I think New York is the most endearing city that i have been to outside India.

When i last went to the "Mecca", i also noticed a place a couple of blocks away ... and was reminded of a truly great performance. "Tiffany's"