Saturday, October 27, 2007

Humbling Experience

This humbling experience has broughten me bliss
So many things are just best left unsaid

And will you not know what to say
To whatever gets your heart someday

He grew up looking at the world in awe. Inspired by its actions, and the freshness of it all. He took it all as a challenge, and rose on the surfboard of life, as the waves got larger. The water got deeper, and the waves lashed harder, but confidently he strode on; never looking back.

Soon, the pools turned into the sea, and the sea into oceans. The confidence from successes in smaller environments drove him on. Slowly, the waters turned harsh, storms began brewing, and the new hostile territories encompassed him. He fought for balance, and somehow clung on.

The tropical storms upgraded themselves, and the environment launched at him. Thats where he lost balance. In the water, he discovered the skill of swimming, not as fast paced as his original mode of transport, but it kept him moving nontheless. To move was the only way to survive in these waters. The body had to stay warm agains the ice cold of the water.

The time has come, however, to get back on the board. The waters may be hostile, but to succumb is not an option. A short reprieve from the onslaught and he will back on his feet again, having adapted to this new world.

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Still searching said...

I dont know if the "he" represents you or not... in any case, we all go through such experiences in life.... and only some learn from it! :)

Aparna Kar said...

Lot of symbolism here. The silver surfer, the board, the water. With a nose block and all I'm not really able to probe deeper. But if it is resilience is what he seeks, then I'd ask him to think again- if it is really what he wants.
He'll want to get back to what comes naturally to him- surfing the high waves. But who said he couldn't be an expert in swimming too?

felicity said...

I really liked this one. Please do keep writing. Its a great joy to read your blogs. Kudos.
Beautifully expressehed thoughts and great imagery here. The poem is a good one too.